Power Management for Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation empowers businesses to lower hardware spending, simplify administration and boost availability. It’s no surprise, then, that nearly 80 percent of server workloads supported by x86 hardware will be running on Virtual Machines (VMs) by 2016, according to analyst firm Gartner Inc. For IT and facilities managers, however, server virtualisation introduces both challenges and opportunities. In particular, while it makes preventing downtime during utility failures dramatically easier, provided your data centre is equipped with the proper power management software, it also adds new complexities to the demands of avoiding data loss during electrical outages when shutting down servers is unavoidable.

This white paper discusses server virtualisation’s impact on both maintaining business continuity and preserving data integrity during power outages, and then explains how state-of-the-art power management solutions can help virtualised data centres cope with utility failures more effectively.

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