Your reseller should be an indispensable and valuable partner

Datacentre power protection has evolved. It’s now as much a matter of energy management as it is about securing electricity supply.

Today’s DCMs (data centre managers) need resellers who are more than just product suppliers. A good reseller will become a trusted and reliable partner, helping DCMs solve their power and energy problems, which in light of the huge influence of PUE and DCIM these days are many and various. Resellers should also be specialists and have their ear to the ground on the latest solutions and technologies. What are some of the other qualities today’s resellers should possess?

Knowledge and advice – a good reseller should be able to advise DCMs of the latest approaches and initiatives (such as 3Pole and 4Pole bypass switchgear, Flow Batteries and the newest panel technologies). They should also have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the datacentre in terms of critical power protection, power and energy management, and be able to assess and advise on the best products, solutions, strategies and designs applicable in each case. 

Trust and integrity - DCMs need a high level of service and expect high standards. They don’t have time to chase orders or check whether they are being sold a dud. They need to be able to trust the supplier they are working with to deliver the right product or solution, at the right price and in good time. 

Adding value through product enhancement - in order to bill their customers correctly, DCMs need comprehensive, accurate and timely data about energy use. Much of this information is lost in equipment that is not usually measured, such as switchgear and bypass panels. At Critical Power Supplies, we incorporate energy meters into this equipment, which enables additional information to be easily collected in billable format. 

We aim to be the reseller of choice for DCMs – one supplier providing a turnkey solution, including free site surveys, impartial advice (if we can save you money, that makes us happy) and a nationwide 24/7 sales and engineering team. Think of us as your trusted, reliable partner.