Roel Castelein announced as director of membership services at The Green Grid

In order to drive the participation and growth of The Green Grid in Europe, IT expert Roel Castelein has been appointed to the newly-created role of director of membership services. The Green Grid is a global consortium of more than 200 members dedicated to promoting resource efficiency in information technology and data centres through a holistic approach.

Roel Castelein has extensive experience in the IT industry, including strategy positions at Oracle, Microsoft, EMC², and Autodesk, amongst others. Previously, Roel Castelein worked at The Green Grid for four years as a marketing chair in Europe, Middle East and Africa heading thought leadership campaigns and drafting standards, programs and guidelines in cooperation with the European Commission. Roel Castelein said:

"I have been enthusiastic about promoting the development of effective, and resource-efficient ICT ecosystems for a number of years. The Green Grid brings together decision-makers from a variety of industries including end-users, technology providers, lawmakers, data centre architects and energy providers to collaborate in creating a comprehensive knowledge resource and the accompanying metrics to help shape the IT of tomorrow."

Roel continued: "This is why in the coming months I will provide targeted information so that both manufacturers and Data Centre users can learn how important membership in this organisation can be. Ultimately, those who have access to the latest findings, metrics and legal regulations can make intelligent decisions that are future-oriented, sustainable and economically meaningful. The Green Grid provides both networking at the highest level and access to studies and research papers, enabling IT players to meet tomorrow's demanding CSR and efficiency requirements.”