Structured testing of data centres

Most data centre testing is focused on individual data halls rather than the entire facility. As a result components such as power, cooling, generators and back-up batteries for UPS can be missed out or not properly tested. Dave Wolfenden of Mafi Mushkila and Karl Sullivan of Optimum Power Services have joined forces to test the entire data centre not just part of it.

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Ten Steps towards Optimal IT Infrastructure

What components make up the physical infrastructure of a data centre? How do you choose the best options for your data centre? And what service and services are available for back up? The answers to these fundamental questions can be found in the new White Paper jointly authored by Rittal, global solution provider for IT infrastructures, and Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M), manufacturer and provider of cabling solutions for high-performance data centre networks.

Data Centre Cooling Conundrums

Saving energy and reducing carbon is a major issue in the data centre sector with increased focus on lowering PUE. We asked Alan Beresford, managing and technical director of EcoCooling to look at the techniques available to achieve these goals and the latest developments.

The move to modular

The market for modular UPS is certainly showing no signs of slowing down as global researchers predict its expected growth to reach £260m by 2017. Driven by the rising demand on data centres to process increasing amounts of information in the world, modular is fast becoming the chosen approach due to its inherent flexibility. But what are the key considerations when looking at modular UPS and what does the future hold in terms of emerging technology of this nature? Leo Craig, general manager of Riello, UPS discusses.